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Acquire - Configuration

On this page you must select an entity and then select how you want to start your query.


You must pick one of the two entities:

  • Company - top level company records.
  • Contact - contact records, the top level company information of the contact can also be included in the output.

The entity chosen affects which fields can be used in the query and which fields can acquired in the records.

Query Starting Point

You must pick of one the query starting points.

Create New

Create an empty query with no configuration.

Saved Query

Recall a saved query, a query can be saved from the query builder page. Queries are saved with a name. Only saved queries for the chosen entity with appear here.

There is also a button to refresh the saved queries.


Use one of the templates, the templates replicate some common use-cases for acquiring new records. The templates have no output fields selected. The templates available are dependent on the entity selected.


A .dq4xlq query can be imported by clicking the import button.

Browse to and select your query to import it.

Queries can be exported to a .dq4xlq file from the query builder page.

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