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Acquire - Query - Run

The query can be run by clicking the run button in the bottom right.

This will start a record count check before spending any credits.

If the count is above 150,000 records, then you will need to adjust your criteria to return less than 150,000 records before being allowed to acquire the data.

If the count is below 150,000 records then the count and estimated cost will be shown to you. If yes is selected then the query will be run. This count is affected by a record count row. The estimated cost in the screenshot is not final.

As the query is running the progress bar on the run button will fill up.

You can click the cancel button at any time to stop the query, although the current batch of 100 records will still be processed. You will only be charged for the records processed.

The output of the query will be outputted to a new sheet. This sheet will be called “ACQUIRE_<timestamp>”. Don't edit this sheet whilst the query is still running, it may cause the process to fail. You may still be charged for an unused batch of 100 records if this happens.

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