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Acquire - Query - Select Output Fields

Before the query can be run, the output fields must be selected. The output fields are the fields returned to the sheet for the records found by the query. Only the mode of output fields affects the price, you may want to exclude fields anyway to make the results less cluttered.

To select the output fields click the “Select Output Fields” button.

The interface for selecting the output fields will then be shown.

Selecting a field

A field can be selected by clicking the checkbox in the field card.

The display in the bottom right will show how many fields are currently selected and how many are in view.

If the “Show Selected Fields” checkbox is checked then only the selected fields will be shown.

You can quickly select all the fields in view by clicking the “Select All” checkbox.

After closing the interface, the display of selected fields will show the total fields selected.


The mode selected for the output fields affects the number of fields available for selection in the output. There are two modes available: basic and complete. Basic has a more limited selection of fields but costs less, complete has a large selection of fields but costs more.

The mode is selected within the output fields interface.


The fields can be filtered by using the filters on the left-hand side of the output fields interface. By default all filters are in the neutral state.

A filter can be clicked to show all fields from that filter. Multiple filters can be selected at once, fields from any of the filters selected will be shown. Filters in the neutral state will be excluded if there are any selected filters.

Clicking the filter again will hide fields from that filter. Only fields from the filters in the neutral state will be shown. Hiding a filter has no affect if any filters are selected.

Clicking the filter one more time will return it to the neutral state.

If the reset button is clicked then the filters will be reset back to the default state.


Selecting an entity filter hides the entity from view, this hides all fields from that entity.

The button can be clicked again to unhide the fields for that entity.

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