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Compare allows you to compare two inputs and return the string similarity using a library of comparison methods.


Comparison Algorithms can be found under the Algorithm selection of the Compare task pane.

These include:

  • Jaro Winkler
  • Jaro
  • Levenshtein Percentage
  • Levenshtein Change Count
  • Monge Elken
  • Needleman Wunsch
  • Sift 3
  • Smith Waterman Gotoh
  • Hamming Percentage

Each algorithm has a unique way of scoring the similarity between two values.

Below is an example of the Jaro Winkler scoring.

First Input Second Input Output
Microsoft Microsoft 100
Google Giggle 80
DQ Global DQ Globe 93.05556

Custom Functions


The DQ.COMPARE function compares two values and gets a score between 0 and 100.


value1 (string), first comparison value

value2 (string), second comparison value

algorithm (string), comparison algorithm, from list:

  • Jaro_Winkler
  • Jaro
  • Levenshtein_Percentage
  • Levenshtein_Change_Count
  • Monge_Elkan
  • Needleman_Wunsch
  • Sift_3
  • Smith_Waterman_Gotoh
  • Hamming_Percentage
  • Hamming_Change_Count

returns (number), score of out 100

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