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Using data from Experian, Compliance provides business attributes and returns Know Your Customer information including Directors, Locations and Sectors.

KYC Battlecard

The KYC Battlecard function is used for processing a single search query.

How to Use

Select KYC Battlecard from the Compliance menu. This will open the KYC Battlecard Search dialog box.

From here, you can enter information to search for a company. An example of which can be seen below:

Select Search to search with your input information. In this example, we have searched 'DQ Global'. If any results are found you will be shown the results table.

Table Controls

  • Extra Columns - You can use the arrow on the left-hand side of the each row to reveal any extra columns that aren't displayed in the main table. If there are no extra columns, this button will not be present.
  • Column Visiblity - Using the 'Column visibility' button, you can select the columns that are visible in the table.
  • Show X Entries - The number of entries shown at once can be controlled using the 'Show X entries' toggle.
  • Search - You can search for a result using a text input in the 'Search' box.
  • Page Navigation - You can navigate between pages using the page navigation buttons, these are 'Previous', 'Next' and the numbered page buttons.

Once you have found a Company you want to retrieve more data about, click Select. The retrieved data will be outputted to a new sheet. This action will incur a credit cost.

The retrieved data will then be outputted in the following format.

KYC Remediate

The KYC Remediate function is used for processing multiple search queries in bulk.

How to use

Select KYC Remediate from the Compliance menu. This will open the KYC Remediate taskpane.

Similar to using the KYC Battlecard within DQ for Excel™, the KYC Remediate taskpane will contain the same input fields.

Configure the inputs as with other DQ for Excel™ functions and set an output location for the search results. Once finished, select Remediate to perform your search.

The results will be outputted across many different sheets across the workbook, a link to the results will be generated where Output was set to.

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