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Derive allows you to obtain information from a piece of data by analysing its structure, pattern or values. e.g. derive a gender from a first name, country ISO code from a telephone number or segment contacts by job roles.


Derive the country name, congruency to a country, ISO 2, ISO 3 and dialling code from a set of input data including Email Address, URL, Telephone Number, Country and City. E.g.


Email URL Address Phone Country City 0344 800 2400 US Redmond 6502530000 US California


Country Name Congruent To Given Country Match Certainty Country Identifier - ISO 2 Country Identifier - ISO 3 Dialling Code
United States Of America TRUE 80 US USA 1
United States Of America TRUE 80 US USA 1


Input one or more Email Addresses and find out their domain type and mail box type. E.g.

Input Domain Type Mailbox Type Business Personal FreeProvider Personal Business Generic


Input one or more first names and identify whether or not they are suspected to be MALE, FEMALE, EITHER or UNKNOWN (alongside a Result code which corresponds to each result). E.g.

Name Gender Result Code
Mary Female 0
Martin Male 1
Sam Either 2


Input one or more postcodes alongside a country identifier and find out the state/county it belongs to as well as the longitude and latitude. E.g.

Postcode Country Identifier - ISO 2 County Latitude Longitude
PO13 9FU GB Hampshire 50.81258193 -1.194509243
98052 US King 47.6718 -122.1232
94043 US Santa Clara 37.4056 -122.0775
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