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Within this page, we will run through an example of how to use a function. Specifically, we will run through how to use the “Format” task pane and the corresponding function to format an email. Each function within the application is consistent in it's general operation.


1. From the DQ for Excel ribbon, select “Format” and for this example, select “Email”.

This will result in the “Format” task pane appearing on the right.

You can change what type of data you wish to format within the “Configuration” section.

2. Select the “Inputs” section.

3. Select your data within the sheet.

4. Select the “Use range selection” button which is represented by the finger icon in the screenshot below.

This will put a range into the box as a reference.

You can only select one range at a time, this defines the range of rows to use. After this you can only specify columns, the range of rows will be inferred. You can only select a column for an output.

5. Click on the “Outputs” section.

6. Select a column in the sheet.

7. Select the “Use column selection” button which is represented by the image of two columns next to the finger icon.

8. Select Format.

A red circle on this button indicates that the task pane setup is invalid. If you hover on this symbol details of the error will be displayed.

A yellow triangle being shown on this button indicates that the task pane setup is valid, although there is a reason that you may want to change your setup. If you hover on this symbol details of the warning will be displayed.

Note: Only run one function at a time. Running multiple functions could result in errors that could mischarge you.

9. If successful, then the result will be displayed in the sheet.

Note: Avoid editing your current worksheet or closing the DQ for Excel™ taskpane whilst running a function as it may halt your request.


There are two approaches to use a function.

Directly typing

1. Directly type the name of the function in a cell.

2. Press enter or click off the cell, then the results will be displayed in the cell you typed the formula in.

Using the "Insert Function" button

1. Select the insert function button.

2. Find DQ for Excel in the category dropdown.

3. Find the function in the function box. A description of each function can be found here. Then select OK.

4. This dialog box also shows the definition of the function. There is a description of each input. You can either type the cell reference or select the button to the right and select the cell range in Excel. When you have completed the inputs, select OK to run the function.

5. The results will then be displayed in the cell you had selected.

Note: Avoid using formulaic DQ functions when attempting to process bulk actions, as it can lead to errors.

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