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This group of functions allow you to perform various actions to improve the quality of Person data.


Acquire new records from Experian through a detailed query.


The first page in the acquire dialog is the configuration page. On this page you must select an entity and then select how you want to start your query. For more information see: Acquire - Configuration

Query Builder

Building a Query

A query can be built using many fields, with many options for how they are configured. For more information see: Acquire - Query Building

Selecting Output Fields

A set of output fields must be selected before the query can be ran. For more information see: Acquire - Query - Select Output Fields

Running a Query

A query can be ran by clicking the run button in the bottom right. For more information see: Acquire - Query - Run

Saving a Query

A query can be saved to DQonDemand. For more information see: Saving a Query

Exporting a Query

A query can be exported for sharing. For more information see: Exporting a Query


Enrich records with Experian to gain more insight.

When using this function, you must select:

  • Entity - company or contact
  • Function - match or refresh


The match function is used to match existing records to an Experian record based on some criteria. The match function only supports company level searches.

The criteria supported is:

  • Company ID
  • Company Registration Number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Town
  • County
  • Country
  • Postcode

In addition to this criteria, there are two more fields:

  • Count - used to limit the number of results per record.
  • Minimum Score - used to exclude results below a threshold. Results are scored out of 100.

The results for each record are returned to a new sheet. The results are records with limited fields, you can use the fields to identify which fields you want to use in the refresh function.


The refresh function has two use-cases:

  • Obtaining a full record from an Experian ID. This can be used in conjunction with the match function results to get a full record from the initial search criteria.
  • Refresh an existing record. You may need to do this to comply with your business' requirements about data accuracy and compliance.

The refresh function has an additional configuration option: mode. The mode affects the price of the function and the completeness of the record. There are two modes:

  • Basic, fewer fields, cheaper. Not supported for contact entity.
  • Complete all fields, more expensive.

The refresh only has one input field, the Experian ID. Results are returned to a new sheet.

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